Axel Lorenzen-Zabel

Axel Lorenzen-Zabel


Moin, Moin & Hallo 👋

I am Axel Lorenzen-Zabel, a versatile geography graduate with a passion for the interfaces between mobility, technology and society.

My professional journey has taken me through various exciting stations:

  • GmbH: I am currently optimizing access to geodata at to ensure that both employees and machines can work with it efficiently.
  • Datenverarbeitungszentrum Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: As an expert in geoinformation, I provided public geoservices here and ensured that important data was accessible to citizens, institutions and companies.
  • University of Rostock: Here, as part of the mFUND-project small opengeoedu logo OpenGeoEdu, I developed an innovative learning platform for the promotion and use of open data and open software in geospatial study programs.

My experience in research, teaching, public service and industry enables me to look at complex challenges from different angles and develop customized solutions.

Let’s shape the future together!

  • Mobility
  • Technology
  • Society
  • Geographie, Geologie und Kommunikationswissenschaft, 2014

    Universität Greifswald